The drop sets off Lupe Fiasco into the metaverse.

New stories await from the world of The Cool.

Be part of Lu's new dimension

LFT is a digital pass bringing Lu's fans closer to the art and artist than ever before. Holders enjoy unique, ever-evolving utilities centered around Lupe Fiasco's music and artistic endeavours.

The perks and features will be built via suggestions and collaborations with the community and Lu himself. To find out more, join our Discord server where hardcore hip-hop, music, tech and art fans lead the conversation and direction of the project.

Why the blockchain? ♢

The Ethereum blockchain is the technology underlying LFT. It's a decentralized, worldwide record of transactions, meaning unlike traditional ticketing systems or databases which require a lot of third party trust and upkeep (e.g. Amazon Web Services), expense (e.g. monthly fees) and can be stolen, lost, hacked or illegally pirated, LFT members' passes are stored in one, untamperable worldwide source of truth that's always on and running. Because the blockchain isn't controlled by any one party (decentralized), your LFTs can't be stolen, and because they're cryptographically (see: a lot of math) verified and secured, they can't be pirated either. We instantly know who's legit.

What's Web 3?

If web 1 was static websites owned by no one and web 2 was interactive websites owned by large corporations, web 3 is the catch-all term for the movement aiming to use the decentralized technologies provided by blockchain to create a new internet model that levels the playing field and brings digital ownership back to the people. Instead of companies, we have communities, instead of hierarchy, there's collaboration. LFT aims to bridge this gap with hip-hop and tech enthusiasts to bring a worldwide community of Lu fans closer to the art and music than ever before. #ProvideValue

Roadmap ⚡

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Purchase an LFT on the secondary market like OpenSea. Simply connect your Eth Wallet below and purchase a listed pass.

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